Gear Oil

Motobolt Gear Oil is a multigrade gear oil formulated to provide excellent long-lasting wear protection to extend equipment life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Motobolt Gear oils are automotive extreme pressure multi-gear oils blended from specially selected high viscosity index base stocks and contain additives which impart extreme pressure, anti-rust, anticorrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics. This is multi-purpose type gear lubricants specifically formulated to meet the rigorous service demand of commercial fleet mechanical transmissions, axles and gear boxes.

Features and Benefits

It Contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents. Helps to control heat. Excellent for high performance and heavy-duty applications. Outstanding anti-weld, anti-scuff and anti-wear properties. Provides exceptional gear and bearing protection. Helps prevent wear caused by lubrication foaming and aeration. Protects against damaging rust and corrosion.

Brake Oil

Motobolt Heavy Duty Brake Fluid is a synthetic fluid for use in the hydraulic brake systems of all cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. Brake Fluid is designed for disc and drum brakes. Brake Fluid is compatible with the various metal components found in the cylinders and tubing that make up the brake system. Brake Fluid will not cause corrosion of these metals. This product is compatible with non-metallic parts, such as the rubber hoses at the wheels and the rubber cups on the pistons. Brake Fluid contains a lubricant to limit the wear between the rubber cups and the cylinder walls.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent braking response due to high boiling point of fluid. High wet boiling point ensures long term retention of fluid performance. Compatible with all common brake system materials Compatible with Per-lite Brake Fluid.
  • Consistent and safe brake performance under high braking pressure. Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum. Improved life and reliability of brake system components.
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